Officials appointed by Council to perform Inspections

From 2018, Council has decided to adopt the following titles for officials appointed to conduct inspections:

  • ‘Monitoring / Training Officers’ when conducting monitoring and training inspections; and
  • ‘Compliance Officers’ for the purpose of conducting disciplinary inspections

The officers are responsible for conducting inspections in all categories of pharmacies, primary healthcare clinics and facilities approved by Council in order to assist in the maintenance and control of standards of pharmacy practice in both the public and the private sector.

In arranging an inspection, Council takes into consideration, the distance to be travelled by the officer, not necessarily the province where an officer is placed. Pharmacists should note that the officers are not obligated to make an appointment and that they can arrive unannounced at any time. Be ready and ensure that you comply with the Rules pertaining to GPP and other applicable legislation.

Follow the links to view the  Monitoring / Training / Compliance Officers Catalogue and Code of Conduct for Monitoring / Training / Compliance Officers.

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