SAPC Banking Details

Banking Details

Pharmacies and Responsible Pharmacists (private sector: Community, Institutional (private), Wholesale and Manufacturing) 2 January
Pharmacists 1 February
Providers, Assessors, Pharmacist’s Assistants, Students, and Pharmacist Interns 1 June
Pharmacies and Responsible Pharmacists (public sector) 1 July
Pharmacy Owner (public and private sector) 1 July

Beneficiary: South African Pharmacy Council                   

Bank: Standard Bank

Account number: 011 885 866

Branch code: 010145

Reference: Your account number with Council*

*Your account number is alpha–numeric:
Persons: P-number (P followed by a 5-digit number)
Pharmacy: Y-number (Y followed by a 5-digit number)
Provider: R-number (R followed by a 5-digit number)

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