On completion of their Bachelor of Pharmacy (BPharm) qualification, graduates are required to complete a one-year internship in any of the pharmacy sectors (community, institutional/hospital, manufacturing pharmacies or academia) under the guidance of a registered tutor who is also an experienced pharmacist. The internship-year helps graduates transition from academic training to being able to apply pharmacy theory in practical settings to improve the health of patients.

Follow the links below to access the application forms relevant to interns:

2020 Application form - Review of Registration Date

2020 Application form - Remarking

2020 Intern Contract - Practical Training

2020 Application Form - Intern Registration

2020 Application form - Cession of Contract

2020 Application form - 400 Hours Declaration

2020 Application form - Practical Training Intern Contract

2020 Application form - Intern/Tutor Manual

2020 Application form - 400 hours Sectoral Progress Report

2020 Application form - 400 hours Personal and Professional Development Progress Report

2020 Application form - Pre-Registration Examination Form

Registered Persons