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Pharmacy Month

September is National Pharmacy Month 2019 
Are these challenges affecting your mental health?

Pharmacy Month 2019 Artwork for download:

Flyer 1: English Afrikaans Sepedi Zulu Xhosa  
Flyer 2: English Zulu Tshivenda Sotho Tswana

Flyer 3: English Sepedi Ndebele Tsonga Swati

2019 Pharmacy Month Poster - English
2019 Pharmacy Month Poster - Afrikaans
2019 Pharmacy Month Poster - Sepedi
2019 Pharmacy Month Poster - Setswana
2019 Pharmacy Month Poster - Xitsonga
2019 Pharmacy Month Poster – TshiVenda
2019 Pharmacy Month Poster – Xhosa
2019 Pharmacy Month Poster – Zulu

The National Department of Health (NDoH), together with South African Pharmacy Council (SAPC), Pharmaceutical Society of South Africa (PSSA) and Independent Community Pharmacy Association (ICPA) is proud to announce the theme for Pharmacy Month 2019, “Are these challenges affecting your mental health?”. Pharmacy Month is a unique opportunity to market the pharmacy profession across the country, bringing together pharmacists from all sectors to communicate the value that our profession brings in the provision of quality healthcare. A tag line to compliment the main theme is “Mental illness can be treated – Ask your pharmacist for advice”.

The strategic focus of the campaign’s theme is to educate the public regarding the importance of mental health.  The campaign aims to raise awareness of mental health conditions and to encourage the public to ask for advice and help from their pharmacists. Being an advocate, raising awareness, and taking action in support of mental health conditions helps break down barriers and improves community involvement and support for people that suffer with mental illnesses.Pharmacists are encouraged to disseminate material and actively engage with the public regarding Pharmacy Month, in order to meet the following objectives:

  • To encourage the public to know more about mental health;
  • To encourage the public to ask for support from family members and friends;
  • To encourage patients to take medicines as prescribed; and
  • To discuss any side-effects from the medicines with your healthcare provider 

Posters and pamphlets, developed by the National Department of Health, South African Pharmacy Council and Pharmaceutical Society of South African, consist of the main theme “Are these challenges affecting your mental health?” with an image illustrating mental health challenges - 1) Anxiety/Stress; 2) Addiction; 3) Abuse; 4) Self-harm; and 5) Depression. The posters and pamphlets will be printed and ready for distribution in August 2019 to public heathcare institutions. Artwork will be available for download from, and  

Council encourages pharmacists to tag and share social media messages sent on the Facebook pages of the NDoH, SAPC and PSSA, as well as to send short write-ups and images of Pharmacy Month interventions to, in order to be displayed in the e-Pharmaciae.

Together, we can break down barriers, support and guide all patients with mental health concerns and illnesses towards the road to recovery.

“Mental illness can be treated – Ask your pharmacist for advice”.


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