In terms of Regulation 21 of the Regulations relating to the registration of persons and the maintenance of registers, a pharmacist may be removed from the the register under the following conditions:

  1. Except as provided for in terms of sections 23, 24 and 39 of the Act, the registrar may remove from the register of pharmacists the name of a pharmacist—
    1. who no longer complies with the requirements and conditions for registration as a pharmacist; or
    2. who is deceased.
  2. A person in respect of whose entry a removal as contemplated in sub-regulation (1) (a) has been made, must be notified thereof and any certificate issued in respect of the registration in question shall be deemed to be cancelled as from the date on which notice has so been given.

In terms of Regulation 22, a pharmacist whose name was removed from the register in terms of Regulation 21 may, if applicable and provided that the registrar is satisfied that he/she is a fit and proper person to be restored the relevant register, have his or her name restored to the register by:

  1. submitting to the registrar:
    1. a duly completed application for restoration of his or her name to the register on a form as approved and provided by the SAPC;
    2. acceptable documentary evidence that he or she complies with the conditions under which he or she was registered as a pharmacist; and
  2. paying the prescribed restoration fee.

If the registrar is not satisfied that he or she is a fit and proper person to be restored to the relevant register, the registrar must submit the application concerned to the Council for a decision.

Registered Persons